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Registry First Aid Review

Rose City Software releases their newest version of the award-winning Registry First Aid, a revolutionary multi-lingual Windows registry repair utility that fixes invalid registry entries on all Windows platforms including the latest versions of Windows Vista and XP. Registry First Aid has recently been featured on several top software reviews and even won distinguished software awards such as The Microsoft & WUGNET Shareware Pick of the Week for Windows and SIA People’s Choice Awardencompassing other top Windows software and utilities.

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Feature Set [5/5]

Registry First Aid has a distinctive step by step registry repair wizard that guides users in detecting and repairing invalid Windows registry entries. What makes this tool unique is that unlike typical registry tools that immediately delete invalid objects in the registry, Registry First Aid actually fixes errors by identifying lost programs pointed to by the registry entry and attempts to find the correct path to the file associated with it. A clever feature that essentially fixes errors instead of removing them outright from the registry thus preventing even further damage to the system. Once the correct path is detected it then replaces current object’s value with the correct path and file types associated with it can now load correctly using the value. In case the program is not found (which means the program has already been deleted or uninstalled in the system) the user then has the option to delete the entry later after current scanning is finished.

Aside from the ability to fix Windows registry errors, Registry First Aid also has the Registry Defragmentation feature that compresses registry records by removing empty, unused or duplicate registry objects thus cutting down each object’s size by up to 97%. This is very important since smaller registry means that the operating system can boot up quicker or process the registry faster than before as Windows spends fewer time loading registry data and even responds faster to program requests such as those that utilizes registry information (e.g. opening documents and spreadsheets or retrieving program data needed to run installed applications.)

Currently, Registry First Aid can detect and correct registry errors caused by invalid application paths, invalid file associations, invalid help files, autorun programs, invalid DLL’s, obsolete start menu items, unused software entries and invalid font files. Users of this software can specify the scope of detection, whether to limit scanning only on the current user’s registry copy or make a global registry scan for all users.

Ease of Installation [5/5]

Registry First Aid’s installation package comes in a standard executable file of about 3 MB in size. Installation process is a simple process and requires no manual system configuration. Installing this software only requires the user to specify the path where the user wishes to install the application (usually C:\Program files\RFA) and setup will install itself without the need for user intervention. Setup usually takes 1 to 3 minutes to install depending on the speed of your system.

Help/Support [4.5/5]

One thing Registry First Aid users will surely notice is the automated bug reporting feature. Clicking the Contact Support link on the Help menu opens up a small window that detects the current state of Registry First Aid files, saves the gathered information on a text file and automatically attached it to a new Outlook mail message. The users can then type in their concerns while giving Rose City developers an accurate assessment of the software’s current state and obtain an overview of what may have caused the errors. Registry First Aid, however, lacks phone in support and toll free hotlines.

Safety [5/5]

Dealing with the system registry involves risks that may impede or even damage it when incorrectly done. The user may accidentally choose to delete important registry entries or alter its value without noticing. Registry First Aid includes an important feature that prevents this mishap. From the main program window, users can choose to automatically create full system registry backups and set its frequency. These backups can then be stored on the disk and can be used to revert any accidental changes to the registry in the future.

Software Stability [5/5]

Registry First Aid was tested and found to be stable both on low and high-end machines. Average memory usage is from 2.6kb up which is within acceptable range. Scanning, though, can be slow on some instances especially when locating lost programs from the disks. Although this can be resolved by setting which drives to search for programs from the Program Settings window.

Summary [4.9/5]

Registry First Aid’s revolutionary features capable of rigid registry error detection and correction earned it a respectable place in the commercial software industry. It’s practical yet attractive user interface adds to the many significant features this software already has. Certainly one of our best pick for this month.

Registry First Aid’s is priced starting at $14 up to $27.95 for bulk and regular orders, consecutively. Add $6 to get the product in CD. Upgrade to Registry First Aid Platinum for a discounted price of $37.95 and get awesome features like Registry Management, a complete system management tools for Windows Vista and prior versions.

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  1. David says

    Sounds like the sort of software that my computer needs to speed it up especially with the increasing number of errors i seem to be getting from it.

  2. Nick says

    Hey there, good reviews here. Some of these programs are superb.
    Would be good to see more info about registry repair other than just software
    reviews, but still, a nice clean blog. Well done!

  3. John says

    Registry’s are very finicky buggers, careful choosing a cleaner!

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